Every BODY is different…

And the discomfort you are struggling with – whether it be an aching back, problematic shoulder, or limited range of motion – requires massage and bodywork customized to specifically meet your needs and lifestyle.

My massage is not a “cookie – cutter” massage. I take all of you, including your finances, into consideration. Each person has his or her own aches, pains, and goals, therefore each person will get a custom bodywork plan. My goal is to develop a comprehensive plan to lead you to overall wellness, without breaking your bank.

Whether you want to live more in tune with your body or seek guidance to keep up with your lifestyle, I can help! Feel better in your mind, your body and in your wallet!

Free yourself from a body that binds you and contact me today for a FREE consultation, by phone, email or in person.

Jamie A. Gates

(603) 801-1700